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See what is to come with future blog posts! Share your feedback on what you would like to see me share!

Time to step out of my comfort zone! 

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome! I am so excited to be sharing with you my plans on future blogging! To be honest with you this is so outside my comfort zone sitting behind a computer! For any of you that know me I am technology illiterate! So the thought of me starting a blog scares me a bit. I am the type of person that likes face to face interaction and conversing with people is what I find Joy in! But I have also come to the realization that there is a big world out there and I feel I do have so much to offer you (More about me in a future blog post). 

My plans for the blog:

  • I want to share with you my home and what inspires me
  • DIY's and renovations
  • Styling tips and tricks
  • Store products and how I use them in my home 
  • A place that you can ask questions and receive feedback from me!

I would also love your feedback on anything you would like to see me write about or share! 



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